Donate health supplies in San Francisco

San Francisco doctors, nurses, and front line health workers are risking their lives every day to help treat and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Access to N95 masks, isolation gowns, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) is dwindling.


SF, we need your help now more than ever: if you already have health equipment at home, donate it to health workers.

For everyone everywhere: we're still accepting volunteers to write thank you notes to health workers and other essential services employees on the frontlines. Details below.

How to Help

Collect any of the following protective equipment you have lying around your home and drop it off at our collection site.


Where and when to donate:

April: Gus's Market, 1530 Haight Street, SF

  • Hours accepted: 8 am-8 pm

  • Drop the equipment in the white bin by the registers labeled "Donations for health workers"

  • Note: You do not need to go inside the store. You can access the bin right next to the exit door

Want to help collect masks and other equipment in your neighborhood? 
Email us:

How to drop off supplies at Gus's:



Use hand sanitizer or gloves before handling supplies and when dropping off supplies


If the package has been opened, place all supplies in a sealed bag or tape the package closed


Place the supplies in the donation bin at Gus's Market. The donation bin is located next to the cashier and near the exit. It is a white bin with a pink sign that reads, "donations for health workers". You do not need to enter the store to donate


That's it! We will pick up the donations and take them to the hospital


I have a box of unused face masks leftover from the fires last year. They do not have a respirator. Can I donate those?

Yes. Unused face masks will still be accepted. N95 respirator masks in unopened packages are preferred, but many hospitals and health systems are currently accepting other face masks.


I have a box of opened, unused N95 masks. Can I donate those?

Yes. Unopened packages of N95 masks are preferred, but many hospitals and health systems are still accepting opened, unused packages of N95 masks (and other face masks), including the unit we are working with.


Where will the equipment be donated?

We are currently donating PPE to UCSF. If you'd like to add a hospital or clinic to the list (and have a contact at the hospital able to collect them), email us:

Note: you will be responsible for collecting equipment from neighbors, coordinating drop-off with the hospital, and dropping the equipment off at the hospital.

Should I try to buy masks online and donate those?

No, thank you. We are only collecting masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) you already have at home. You may have purchased a box of N95 masks when the fires came last year, tucked them away in your personal earthquake kit, or you love woodworking, for example. 


I heard people are sewing masks. Can I sew a mask from materials I have at home and donate those?

Not for this particular donation as they are not yet accepted at UCSF, but we do suggest making them for yourself, friends, and family when you go outside for essential tasks.

I'd like to volunteer to collect masks and other medical supplies in my neighborhood. How can I help?

Email us at Include your name, home address, phone number, and days/times you are available for collection. If your drop-off directions are different than those listed above, please include that information as well.


I want to thank the nurses, doctors, and health workers that are on the frontlines!
How can I do that?

Volunteer to write thank you letters! See more information below. 

I have N95 masks to donate, but should I keep any for myself and my family?

The decision of how many to keep and how many to donate is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that unopened packages are preferred. Some families are keeping 2 for each member of their household.


This is cool, but I don't live in SF. Can you help me set this up in my city?

Yes. Email us at and we can get you the info you need to get started.

Man, this is crazy. I need some tunes to get through this.

We agree. We've got you! Here's a playlist just for this.


What else can I do to help?

Stay home except for essential travel. Maintain a minimum distance of at least 6 feet from others. Write thank you letters to health workers (see info below!).


Spend time with your loved ones. Meditate, move, breathe. We can do this.

Thank a Health Worker

Want to thank a health worker?
Email us at:
We'll give you the name and address of a health worker in SF. 

You can print this postcard or use your own cards and envelopes you have at home.

You can also download and print these flyers and place them in your window for health workers to see. Let's lift their spirits and remind them how appreciative we are! 

Thank you @ash_cascade_design for designing these beautiful postcards and flyers for us!

Also: we are looking for the names of more health workers and essential services employees to send thank you notes to!

Please email us at:
if you know of individuals you'd like to thank (or if you would like a thank you note yourself!).

Reach Out

Now more than ever, this virus has shown us that we are dependent on each other. It's time to pull together, share resources, and get the testing, treatment and physical distance we all need to get or stay well. Only by standing united can we ensure our own wellbeing through this outbreak and rewrite the rules to ensure better health for us all for generations to come. Health care workers need us - let's help them.


Contact Paloma Figueroa and Calisa Hildebrand:

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